Artist of the week - Sam Fender

Artist name: Sam Fender

No. Of Albums: 1

No. Of Singles: 4

No. Of UK number 1s: 0

My favourite album: Hypersonic Missiles

My top 5 songs (no particular order): (one of the toughest choices yet)

Hypersonic Missiles

The Borders

Call Me Lover

Will We Talk?

You’re Not The Only One

Most recognisable song: Hypersonic Missiles

Song that deserves more recognition: White Privilege

Sam Fender is a singer/songwriter from North Shields. He really gained traction in industry headlines after being named one of BBC’s “Sound of” 2018. Since then he has released both an EP and an album with sensational tracklists, embarked on (the beginning of) his first UK tour and found himself on the bill at some of the UK’s biggest festivals for the summer of 2020 ((although we all know how that ended…).

Sam began his career in the spotlight as an actor, appearing in shows such as “Vera” and “Wolfblood”. He moved away from this quickly however to further pursue music. His first singles were released independently before he was signed by Polydoor Records and released his EP “Dead Boys” in November 2018.

This EP would pave the way to his first studio album, Hypersonic Missiles, which peaked at number one in the UK album charts. With a 13 absolute bangers for a track list, this was a surprise to pretty much no one. One of my favourite things about this album was the balance of music and societal issues, with some of Sam’s tracks tackling some tough modern social and political issues in a brilliant way. This is just one of my favourite things about his identity as a song writer and let me explain why.

There are people who have been top names in the music industry for decades, who fear speaking out on political and social issues because they believe it will damage their image. Sam came blazing into our airways and hearts with his beliefs proudly on display, no fear on show at all as he made his debut with bold (but not incorrect) statements.

Sam’s music is not the only way he is showing his support for the world. Just last week, he headlined the first socially distanced outdoor concert in the UK since the coronavirus outbreak. Another great thing Sam does is donate is played guitar stings to the Guitarwrist. This is a company who take the used strings (and other instrument parts, like cymbals) of musicians, and turn them into bespoke, beautiful pieces of jewellery. Whilst, as could be expected, the price tag of most items on their site is £100+, their pieces make incredible gifts for loved ones (or yourself) and profits are donated to a charity of the artists choosing.

Sam has had an amazing first few years in the industry, and I for one cannot wait to see what he does next…