Artist of the week - Pentatonix

Artist name: Pentatonix

No. Of Albums: 7

No. Of singles: 22

No. Of UK number 1s: 0

My favourite album: PTX

My top 5 songs (no particular order):


Evolution of Music

Mary, Did You Know?

La La Latch

We Are Young

Most recognisable song: Hallelujah

Song that deserves more recognition: Papaoutai

Pentatonix are a five-piece a Capella group formed in Texas, USA in 2011. The original members were Scott Hoying, Kirsten Maldonado, Avi Kaplan, Mitch Grassi and Kevin Olusola. In 2017, Avi Kaplan made the tough decision to leave the group. Matt Sallee joined the group later that year to replenish the bass tones that every a Capella group needs. Amongst the group they have a brilliant vocal range as well as a stunning array of skills, allowing them to create stunning pieces of music in so many genres.

Not long after the group was formed they won the third season of NBC’s “The Sing Off” walking away with the grand prize of 200,000 dollars and a recording contract with Sony Music. When this contract ended they were dropped from the label, so decided to start their own YouTube channel. And they blew up.

The covers that they release are beautiful takes on already brilliant pieces of music and their original pieces never fail to take my breath away. Their most viewed video on the channel is their cover of Hallelujah which has 567 million views (as of 1/11/2020) and has left countless listeners with goosebumps.

One of the most important things an a Capella group can have is a big vocal range so that they can create a rounded performance. A Vocal percussion artist can also be crucial if you want to create dynamic pieces. Within Pentatonix you cover the whole vocal range from bass to soprano, with some of the singers covering multiple ranges, for example, Mitch can sing as tenor, alto and soprano, which is an impressive feat. Chemistry within the group is also vital to create the right balance of harmonies and understanding each others strengths so that each piece is as strong as it can be by each member taking on different roles. Whilst Kevin maintains the role of vocal percussion in all pieces, the other members take on different elements of each piece including lead vocal, top harmony and more. The clear chemistry between the group is what enables them to do this so well.

The more their channel has grown, the greater their success. They are releasing their music under Madison Gate Records and have appeared in a multitude of mainstream films and tv shows including Pitch Perfect and KC Undercover. As their success has grown online, their fan base expanding all over the world, it has opened up other performing opportunities such as tours, albums and live tv performances.