Artist of the week - P!nk

Artist name: P!nk

No. Of Albums: 8

No. Of Singles: 42

No. Of UK number 1s: 3

My favourite album: The Truth About Love

My top 5 songs (no particular order):

Blow Me One Last Kiss

So What

Raise Your Glass

What About Us

Beautiful Trauma

Most recognisable song: So What

Song that deserves more recognition: I Don’t Believe You

P!nk, also known as Alecia Beth Moore, is a singer-songwriter form Pennsylvania, USA. Her music career began as part of girl band “Choice” back in 1995. Later that year, recording label “LaFace Records” offered her a solo recording contract. The band disbanded in 1998 and P!nk’s career has sky rocketed ever since.

P!nk released her first single in 2000. It spent ten weeks in the charts and peaked at number six. Just over a year later P!nk would achieve the first number one of her career, with “Lady Marmalade”, a collaboration with Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim and Mya. In 2008, P!nk would achieve her first number one album with “Funhouse”. As P!nk’s career stretched on past ten years, then 20, her platform grew and she used it to project positive and important messages.

These messages include female empowerment, the importance of self expression, multiple anti-bullying campaigns, the importance of voting, anti-racism and so much more. From her instagram to award show speeches, P!nk is known to be “outspoken” (a misnomer in my personal opinion). It is refreshing to see an artist who is so unapologetically herself and encourages and empowers others to be able to do the same.

One of my favourite speeches of hers was one she dedicated to her daughter, Willow. She collected the Video Vanguard Award at the VMAs in 2017 and delivered a beautiful speech about a conversation she had had with her daughter a few weeks previous, in which they discussed body image and self representation. This speech can be found on YouTube and I fully recommend that you take five minutes out of your day to go and listen to what this wonderful woman has to say.