Artist of the week - Mariah Carey

Artist name: Mariah Carey

No. Of Albums: 15 (studio)

No. Of Singles: 72

No. Of UK number 1s: 3

My favourite album: Merry Christmas

My top 5 songs (no particular order):

All I Want for Christmas is You

When You Believe


I’ll Be There

The One

Most recognisable song: All I Want for Christmas is You

Song that deserves more recognition: Lead the Way

Mariah Carey is a singer-songwriter from New York, USA. Easily most well known for her Christmas classic “All I Want for Christmas is You”, she has had an impressive 30 year career as a solo artist, which was preceded by a career as a backing singer.

Her first album “Mariah Carey”, was released in 1990 and immediately put Carey on the map. Her first five singles all reached number one in the billboard top 100, making her the first artist in history to achieve this feat.

Not only are Mariah’s songs catchy and well written, but they are easily identified by her unique vocals. Carey boasts a five-octave vocal range, including the whistle register, which only a handful of vocalists are widely known to be able to achieve. There features have earned her the title of “Songbird Supreme” at Guinness World Record.

Mariah released three albums in as many years between 1993 and 1995. These albums included some of Mariah’s best and most easily recognisable singles including ”Hero“ and her now chart-topping Christmas classic (but we will get onto that later).

As we are all now much more aware, fame can tare white the toll on people and in 2001, Mariah had one of the most highly publicised breakdowns in the music industry. During this time she left Columbia records, having been with them since the start of her solo careers and topping the singles chart all 11 years she was signed with them. Her next record deal was with Virgin records but they quickly bought her out of the contract post-breakdown, which left Mariah free to sign with Island records a little over a year later.

Despite all this change and turmoil during this phase of her career Mariah climbed her way back up to the top. She would go on to release another 7 albums as well as achieve more number ones.

Whilst the majority of Mariah’s singles took the US music scene by storm and she dominated the top spot in their charts for a considerable amount of time, Mariah’s UK success was a little less great. Whilst she still made it to the top ten many times and had two other number ones, the single achievement that always escaped her grasp was to get “All I Want for Christmas is You” to the number one spot. In the year of its release, the track was pipped to the post for Christmas number one by East 17’s “Stay Another Day”. Every year since, without fail, the track has climbed the chart through the festive season but it wasn’t until December 11th 2020, a whopping twenty six years post release, that the track finally claimed the number one spot in the UK charts, but who knows if it will still be in the top spot when we announce our Christmas number one.

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