Artist of the week - Liam Gallagher

Artist name: Liam Gallagher

No. Of Albums: 4

No. Of Singles: 9

No. Of UK number 1s: 0

My favourite album: As You Were

My top 5 songs (no particular order):

Wall of Glass

Paper Crown

For What It’s Worth

China Town

Why Me? Why Not.

Most recognisable song: Wall of Glass

Song that deserves more recognition: Greedy Soul

Liam Gallagher is a singer-songwriter from Manchester, England. He first rose to fame as the frontman of band “Oasis”, which also featured his brother Noel as well as many other talented artists who came and went over the 18 years the band were together. The Gallagher brothers famously fell out with each other often and this animosity built over time until it boiled over and the brothers now no longer speak to one another.

This rivalry is something that got in the way of their career as a band. If the band would reform they are now eligible for several awards and honours, and it would make millions of fans worldwide inexplicably happy, but a reunion doesn’t seem to be on the cards any time soon unfortunately. Both of the brothers have gone on to successful solo careers.

Liam released the first single of his solo career in June 2017, with his first album following in the November. Whilst the single “Wall of Glass” only reached 21 inn the charts, his debut album “As You Were” claimed the number one spot and spent a further 46 weeks in the charts. The other four singles from this album, despite being brilliant, dwindled in the lower half of the charts, with three of five not even making the top 40.

The singles from his second studio album tell a very similar story. Whilst each song is brilliant, three out of four once again didn’t make the top 40. The album, however, topped the charts again and spent 27 more weeks in the charts after that.

Liam also has a live EP, “acoustic sessions” and a live album, “MTV Unplugged” out, which reached 24 and number one in the charts respectively. As Liam’s solo career flourished he was the subject of documentary “As It Was”, which aired on BBC Two in 2019. It’s an interesting watch (if I do say so myself).

Liam is a brilliant artist live, not only because of his many years of experience but also his electric connection with the crowd, whom he makes feel more comfortable with his lack of filter and brilliant music, which is one of the reasons I’m very excited to have tickets for Reading festival next year, where he is headlining the Sunday night!!