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Artist of the week - Foo Fighters

Artist name: Foo Fighters

No. Of Albums: 14

No. Of Singles: 30

No. Of UK number 1s: 0

My favourite album: Concrete and Gold

My top 5 songs (no particular order):

My Hero

Times Like These

The Sky is a Neighborhood

Best of You

The Pretender

Most recognisable song: Everlong

Song that deserves more recognition: T-Shirt

The Foo Fighters are a six piece band formed back in 1994, in Seattle, Washington. It’s founding member, Dave Grohl, was the drummer for band Nirvana before he formed the band. The bands first album, self titled, was released in 1995 and consisted of solo tracks recorded by Dave. After that, the band began to grow. Members have come and gone but their music is consistently brilliant.

The band grew in popularity as their singles and albums were released to the world. Their next album (The Colour and the Shape), which featured Pat Smear, William Goldsmith and Nate Mendel as well as Grohl, was released in 1997 and reached number three in the UK album charts.

Their success in the UK charts has fluctuated over time, with many singles staying lower in the charts. Best of You, released June 2005, holds their highest chart ranking of number five. Their albums on the others hand tend to do a little better, with four of them reaching number one.

Despite a few low numbers on the charts, the Foo Fighters flourish in their studio recordings but no where near to the extent that they flourish in live performances. From performing with a freshly broken leg, to bringing Rick Astley on stage to perform his hit “Never Gonna Give You Up”, a Foo Fighters live show is never something to be missed. They have performed in stadiums and at festivals all over the world, including Glastonbury and Wembley.

Their morals, amazing interviews, live performances and quality music are why Foo Fighters are my artist of the week.

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