Artist of the week - Eric Clapton

Artist name: Eric Clapton

No. Of Albums: 21

No. Of Singles: 32

No. Of UK number 1s: 1

My favourite album: Rush

My top 5 songs (no particular order):

Tears in Heaven

Knocking on Heaven’s Door

I Shot the Sheriff

Wonderful Tonight

Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Most recognisable song: Layla

Song that deserves more recognition: I Ain’t Gonna Stand For It

Eric Clapton was born in Ripley, Yorkshire in 1945 and became one of the greatest artists of his generation, possibly even of all time. Despite most of his singles and albums hitting low positions on the UK charts, the rock and blues guitarist is the only three time inductee in the history of the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”. Not only was he inducted as a solo artist, but as a member of both the “Yardbirds” and “Cream”.

Clapton first became active in the music industry in 1962, but didn’t release his first solo studio album until 1970. This was a self titled album with 11 songs on its track list. The album peaked at 14 on the UK album charts and had no charting singles. He wouldn’t release another studio album for four years. This album, “461 Ocean Boulevard”, peaked at a whopping number three in the U.K. album charts and had single “I Shot the Sheriff” which peaked at number nine in the singles charts.

It would be 20 years before Clapton managed to reach number one on the U.K. charts. He achieved this feat with album “From the Cradle” in 1994. He would reach the top of the singles chart less than a year later with “Love Can Build a Bridge”.

Clapton is often praised for the quality of his live performances, especially the passion he puts into them. It’s not uncommon for him to play so hard that he breaks his strings. If and when this happens audiences wait patiently and will slow clap as he changes them. This earned him the nickname of “Slowhand”.

Through out his career, Clapton earned the love and respect of fans around the world. He is so well revered that when Harvard university discovered minor planet 4305 (an asteroid) in 1976, they named it “4305 Clapton”. He received an impressive 18 Grammy awards. He was awarded the BRIT for Outstanding Contribution to Music in 1987 and in 2004 he received a CBE for his services to music.