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Artist of the week - Biffy Clyro

Artist name: Biffy Clyro

No. Of Albums: 9

No. Of Singles: 22

No. Of UK number 1s: 0

My favourite album: Only Revolution

My top 5 songs (no particular order):


Many of Horror


The Joke’s on Us

Different People

Most recognisable song: Many of Horror

Song that deserves more recognition: The Thaw

Newly announced to headline Download festival 2021, Biffy Clyro are very much so a band of the moment. The band released their first album back in 2002 and have been writing fantastic music ever since. Their latest album, “A Celebration of Endings” is due to be released on August 14th and fans (including myself) are waiting excitedly.

The band features Simon Neil, James Johnston and Ben Johnston (twin brothers), who formed the band in Kilmarnock back in 1995. The band have enjoyed growing success for the last 25 years and this year was set to be no different, with a tour planned for later this year, but as with most things this year, COVID had other plans. They have postponed their dates and confirmed their headline slot at Download festival, making next year even bigger than this year was destined to be.

Aside from their brilliant musical sound, one of the things that makes the band stand out is that all three members sing with as strong of a Scottish accent as when they speak. This is somewhat of a rarity as many people are known to lose their accent in their singing voice, many vocal coaches even encourage it, especially when singing in a group or ensemble, so your voices blend. I, however, think that their voices blend together beautifully, especially in harmonies.

Their music videos, which can be found on YouTube or have often been known to frequent music channels such as Kerrang! are often a thing of beauty, perfectly capturing the story set out within the lyrics of the song. Unlike some artists, the majority of Biffy Clyro’s music tells a tale, whether it be of love, heartache, betrayal or joy. The lyrics are definitely worth a closer listen.

But don’t take my word for it, listen to them yourself!! You can find their music across all streaming platforms now, or you could wait and have your first taste of this fantastic band be their new album, “A Celebration of Endings”, released August 14th 2020!

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